Editor's Choice, 4.5 out of 5 Review by J.R. Bookwalter


"Audio Design Desk is in a class by itself… Whether for social media videos, independent feature films, or anything in-between, Audio Design Desk makes it fast, easy, and fun to build an impressive soundtrack even the most discerning viewer would love hearing.”

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Review by Si Gordon


"By the time experienced editors had completed 10 seconds of media synchronisation with the rival DAW, ADD had tackled two minutes’ worth...

The pro-level sound designers who have already sampled the delights of ADD felt threatened by its capabilities at first, with some suggesting that it could put them out of work. But given time and direction, they found that the software opened up their creative abilities like never before. If you’re working on personal projects and looking for a DAW dedicated to audio-to-visual synchronisation, it doesn’t get any better than this."

Mix Magazine

Review by Mike Levine


"I was amazed by how quickly I was able to find and place sound effects and music to picture… a groundbreaking application that significantly speeds up the act of accurately adding sound effects and music to picture."

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Digital Photo Pro

Review by Daniel Brockett


"One of the most important components in your production toolbox… Letting ADD 'assist' me in locating and placing the effects so easily felt surreal. It just blew me away!"

RedShark News

Review by David Shapton


"A breathtakingly affective idea for sound designers"


Pro Audio Files

Review by Philip Mantione


"A new paradigm for audio post-production... promises blazing workflow speeds for adding sound effects, foley, ambience, and music to a moving image. One part sampler, one part DAW, one part sound library – this software has unique hybrid functionality that sets it apart from any other software solution out there.

Consider the game, changed!"

Larry Jordan

First Look Review


"It creates sound environments faster and easier than anything I’ve ever seen. Its ability to replace sounds with similar sounds without messing up the timing is unique and stunning...

If you love high-speed shortcuts to achieve creative results, this program is a match made in heaven.”

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Mac Pro Video

Review by Matt Vanacoro


“If you’re a content creator, this app could most definitely fit in the ‘indispensable’ category. You can add Hollywood blockbuster style foley with astonishing speed, and you can settle into an ‘audio for video’ workflow that is efficient and powerful. I can’t see going back to a standard DAW to accomplish these audio for video tasks - it would feel like the dark ages.”


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