You Design: Shrek 2

Dreamworks was on top of the world after winning the first-ever Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2001 for Shrek. To capitalize on the victory, in 2004 the studio released its first sequel in the franchise: Shrek 2. Opening to generally positive reviews, Shrek 2 had the second-largest three-day opening weekend of any movie and was the highest-grossing animated film at the time. With a perfect blend of fairytale fantasy and pop culture humor, the film became an instant family classic.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we wanted to take a pass at the classic dinner scene with Shrek’s new in-laws (voiced by Julie Andrews and John Cleese). Not only is the scene relatable for those who’ve suffered through tense family get-togethers, but it has some incredibly fun sound design moments. It’s not often you get to use our Horror Sound Pack in a family-fun animated film, but when you do, the results are hilarious. So here’s to awkward family encounters this Thanksgiving (via Zoom or otherwise) and to playing with your food—in Audio Design Desk, of course!

Want a detailed breakdown of this sound pass? We asked artist Jared Otto to walk us through his process:

What are you waiting for? Download his sound pass as an easy starting point for your own. And to get a detailed breakdown of his sound pass, see below:

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