You Design: Coco

In celebration of National Animation Day earlier this week as well as the upcoming Día de los Muertos, we’ve created a You Design pass of the 2017 Disney/Pixar animated hit film, Coco!

Released to critical acclaim, Coco would take home the Academy Awards for Best Animated Film and Best Original Song. Because the film focuses so heavily on music, it needed incredibly detailed sound to back it up. The sound team had an exciting time making inherently creepy skeleton characters fun and comedic for all audiences. This involved an extensive amount of foley for the movement of the bones and fabric from the clothes the skeletons wear. All this was layered with sounds like popping bubbles, window squeaks, and falling blocks to lighten up the mood. Michael Giacchino’s score is prevalent throughout every scene—almost as if each character has their own unique theme—and the sound design team expertly crafted and blended their designs in.

While this animated masterpiece seems daunting, sound artist Jared Otto had a great time weaving together a careful mix of emotional, humorous, and exciting sounds—with just a touch of Día de los Muertos spookiness—for this week’s You Design. Now download his files to easily make your own sound Coco sound pass and celebrate the Day of the Dead!

Download Project and All Files

Make sure you have Audio Design Desk before opening up Jared's sound pass. To download the software for free, click here.