Sound Masters: Sound of Metal

Today we want to give a shout-out to Darius Marder’s incredible recent film, Sound of Metal. Already a recipient of many awards and still being nominated for more, this heavy drama centers on a metal drummer who finds himself suddenly and rapidly going deaf.

Sound of Metal makes a very bold choice: to put the viewer in the auditory perspective of a protagonist with hearing loss. As a result, the film is largely carried by Riz Ahmed’s intimate performance along with some some truly cutting-edge sound design.

In this clip, we can hear how the sound slowly EQs and morphs Ruben's sonic surroundings to immerse audiences in his world. By juxtaposing clear ambiences with a cut to Ruben's deteriorating hearing, the audience can emotionally follow along with the character's struggle rather than simply watching his transformation.

Sound of Metal is available to stream on Amazon Prime.