Frequently Asked Questions

What is Audio Design Desk?

Audio Design Desk (ADD) takes a new approach to finding and placing sound effects, sound design and music for video. Each of it’s 20,000 sounds understands where it is meant to sync to so you can do hours of work in minutes.

How do I purchase ADD?

An ADD subscription can be downloaded on our main page and purchased from within the application in the ADD Menu / License. Try for free and find the license that works for you.

Is ADD compatible with Mac and/or Windows?

A.D.D is currently available for Mac only.

What are the minimum system requirements to run ADD?

Operating System: MacOS Mojave Version 10.14 or later

Processor: 1.3 GHz Intel Core M or higher

Memory: 8GB RAM

Storage: A minimum of 10GB of disk space must be available before downloading our free sound library.

How many licenses do I receive per subscription?

One license is issued per subscription, which allows users to operate ADD on one computer. If you would like your license to extend to more than one computer, contact us at

Is there a trial version of Audio Design Desk?

Yes, it can be found HERE.

What is the difference between subscription levels?

As of October 15th, 2019, there is only one subscription level BUT in December, 2019, ADD will release more premium features including wider publishing rights, more sounds and greater export options like AAF and XML.

How can I upgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time in the ADD / Licenses menu within the application.

Can I use my own library in ADD?

ADD allows you to import sounds from your own library. Learn how to add your own sounds HERE.

Can I import videos directly from YouTube or Vimeo?

YouTube and Vimeo videos can be directly imported into your project by using the “Open Remote Video” option in the VIDEO menu or by right clicking in the video window.

What media formats can I import into ADD?

Audio: WAV, MP3, AAC and AIF

Video: MOV, MP4, M4V and MPG

What media formats does ADD export? 

Audio: WAV

Video: MP4, M4V, Apple ProRes 422 LPCM

Project: AAF, XML

Where can I find tutorials for ADD?

ADD provides video tutorials which can be viewed HERE.

Is Audio Design Desk compatible with other audio/video software?

Yes, a project created in Audio Design Desk can be exported in formats that are readable by Pro Tools, Logic, Avid, Premiere, Resolve, Final Cut Pro and any other application that supports AAF or XML.

Where can I find the program manual?

The ADD program manual can be viewed HERE. 

How do I purchase ADD in volume for my business or educational institution?

In order to purchase ADD in volume, contact our sales department at

ADD keeps asking me to register my license, even though I have already registered for it. 

This is typically because you have not registered. If you have registered and find this to be a mistake, please contact us at

Where can I submit product feedback about Audio Design Desk?

We LOVE hearing your thoughts. Please contact us at any time at

What is the Audio Design Desk forum used for?

Tutorials and discussions around A.D.D., filmmaking, sound design and sound for film.

Is my debt or credit card information safe with Audio Design Desk?

Yes. Audio Design Desk does not store any debt or credit card information  in our databases as our payment service is provided by Paddle which is trusted by hundreds of companies around the world.