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new sound.

Import, create, upload, get comments, refine, receive approval and deliver without ever leaving your Audio Design Desk timeline. Now you can share your work with collaborators anywhere in the world through’s unmatched collaboration tools.

Go from first draft to delivery in no time, using the seamless integration of two platforms that have changed post-production workflows forever.

Cinematic audio. Redefined.

For free.

Audio Design Desk's integration with enables a seamless, roundtrip workflow between the two apps. Connect the apps to import video assets directly from into and quickly add sound effects, audio design, and music for video. Pull from our free library of 20,000 sounds or import your own to build a complete audio soundscape for your video using our AI-assisted creative tools. Export the sound-designed video into for review, then back into when review is complete. Import comments directly from into the timeline to review feedback and make edits accordingly.

Because understands the exact moment sound meets image, tweaking sounds based on client or team feedback is simple; one effect can be swapped out for another, intensity can be pushed up or down, or an entire selection of sounds can be changed from one genre to another with a single click—without ever losing sync. With our rapid workflow and replacement tools, you can quickly and easily create multiple versions in less time than it would typically take to create a single one, so collaborators can A/B test different sonic approaches uploaded right from the timeline. You end up with a version stack of different sound treatments, which can be easily compared side-by-side in

Watch the tutorial:

Audio Design Desk uses two key

concepts to deliver their experience:

precise, frame-accurate, keyboard shortcuts for adding sound effects, and a robust AI backend. A user can search for their desired feel, come back with entire sound sets, test and review in, set their markers, and then swap entire soundscapes on the fly. It’s incredibly cool.

—Max Baehr,

Everyone's invited!

This integration works with every version of Audio Design Desk. So whether you're a Create, Produce, or Professional user, you get to collaborate with creatives anywhere in the world, right from your timeline. 

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Our integration with is part of version 1.3,

Audio Design Desk Collaborate. For the full press release, click here.

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