Version 1.6

Musicians and


From production to post to export. Instantly create professional-sounding content in one place—

or in direct connection with any DAW.


"Whether for social media videos, independent feature films, or anything in-between, Audio Design Desk makes it fast, easy, and fun to build an impressive soundtrack even the most discerning viewer would love hearing.”



"Letting ADD 'assist' you in locating and placing the effects

so easily and quickly feels surreal."

—HD Video Pro



Effortlessly sync Audio Design Desk to any DAW including Pro Tools, Nuendo, Studio One, and Logic to add sound design, sound effects, and music 10x faster.


Audio Design Desk knows your loops from Splice or LoopCloud—so replacing, time stretching, and mixing and matching is immediate. LoopDNA brings the full power of Audio Design Desk to every sample you import, offering a real-time creative experience that keeps you in your flow.

Audio Recording
and Editing Tools

Now musicians and podcasters can record directly into Audio Design Desk without the need for an additional DAW. New features include advanced snap settings to duplicate, trim, and place music to the beat, the ability to automatically quantize sounds as you’re placing them, and a metronome you will actually like.