Cinema-Quality Sound Design in Seconds

Audio Design Desk takes a new approach to creating audio for video. It comes with over 20,000 free sounds embedded with Sonic Intelligence which makes composing music, sound design, and sound effects faster and easier than ever before. Once you use, you'll wonder how you ever worked without it.  


Audio Design Desk is an Automated Creative Tool you play like an instrument. It turns your QWERTY keyboard into a Smart Sampler, so Hits, Rises, Footsteps, Punches, Gunshots, or whatever you’d like can be performed in real-time, while watching your video.


Once you've placed your sounds, tell Audio Design Desk what genre, mood, or feel you'd like. Select how intense or complex you'd like your composition to be and then turn one sound design composition into infinite alternates without losing sync! It's part composition tool, part inspirational friend and it’s pure magic.


In Audio Design Desk, you can search for your sounds right from the timeline. This saves you hours of digging through complex libraries and completely eliminates the need to import sounds and nudge them to the right place. 



"There isn't another piece of software that allows

you to instantly create at this level of professionalism."

 - Matthew Cooke

Academy Award Nominated Editor


Replacement Parameters

Refine your results by tweaking intensity, complexity, genre, feel, playlist, mood as well as many many other items that can make your replacement sing. 

Replace Longer or Shorter

Want a longer rise or transition? A shorter hit or percussive element? Select your sound and click COMMAND UP or DOWN.

Import Remote Video

ADD makes it easy to work from anywhere. Right click the video screen, paste your link and A.D.D. will download the video and place it in the timeline. 

Thousands Of Presets

What better way to get started than having hundreds of presets to get your creative juices flowing? Take these formulas and make them yours. The possibilities are endless.



 Audio Design Desk  was built from the ground up with video editors in mind. It works seamlessly with Avid, Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Sound is half of what you see.

Sound designers

Over 5,000 hits, rises, transitions, pitched, rhythmic and textural elements plus over 250 presets from one of the designers behind trailers such as World War Z and Rogue One.


Audio Design Desk is an inspirational tool that learns what you like and how you work. Take a preset and randomize and refine the results. Like magic. It just works.

foley artists

Perform footsteps, punches, gunshots, and more by using the trigger panel in Audio Design Desk. Save sets for different projects. Want to change shoe or gun type? Just two clicks.



Audio Design Desk Examples

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