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Audio Design Desk

Audio Design Desk is the fastest, easiest way to produce audio for video. It comes with over 30,000 royalty free sounds, loops and music cues. Whether you're scoring a film, adding sound design and foley, recording a podcast, or writing a song, our software eliminates the busy work and elevates your creativity.

"This is the tool I’ve been looking for my entire career. Audio Design Desk lets me focus on creating sounds and makes the pain and chore of sound editing disappear."

Jamie Hardt

Sound Effects Editor

(Spider-Man, The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, IT )


Audio Design Desk turns your computer keyboard into an instrument so you can perform sound design elements like hits, rises, footsteps, punches, and gunshots in real-time, while watching your video.

Press keys to place sounds in real-time

• Over 30,000 sounds included



Once you’ve placed your sounds, tell Audio Design Desk what genre, mood, or feel you’d like, and it will offer smart alternates without ever losing sync. 

Change genre, mood, feel, intensity and complexity with one click
Create infinite alternates without losing sync


Search for your sound design elements right from the timeline. This saves you hours of digging through complex libraries and because each sound understands sync, there's no need to trim and nudge your sounds into place.

• Find and place from the timeline
• No more hunting through libraries



Search for your sound effects right from the timeline. This saves you hours of digging through complex libraries and because each sound understands sync, there's no need to trim or nudge them into place.

Find and place from the timeline

• Zero trimming and nudging 
No more hunting through libraries

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New in 1.7

Spot Mode: 30,000 royalty-free sfx & music cues in any application. 

• Trigger Pad: Real-time sound design, music and user-programmable triggers. 

• Transient Detection: Generate elements from stems for real time sound design in seconds. 


• DAWSync: Control your DAW from Audio Design Desk.


Export as an .xml or an .aaf to bring your work into Pro Tools, Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, or the DAW or NLE of your choice, or upload to Frame.io and get sync-accurate notes without ever leaving the timeline.

.xml and .aaf export
Upload to Frame.io
Works with Pro Tools, Premiere, Final Cut Pro



What People Say

Matthew Cooke.jpg

"There isn't another piece of software that allows you to instantly create at this level of professionalism."

Matthew Cooke

Academy Award-nominated editor

Intelligent Import

Import your own sounds and add our Sonic Intelligence  by dragging files into the importer and then pressing the “Guess Metadata” button. Less time tagging means more time sculpting your sound design.

triggers copy.png

Audio Design Desk comes with thousands of royalty free cinema-quality sounds, loops and music cues to create music or to fully cover your animation, advertisement, independent film or television show. 

30,000+ Sounds

90-Second Tutorial


Custom Features For



Audio Design Desk was built from the ground up with video editors in mind. It works seamlessly with Avid, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro. Sound is half of what you see.


Sound Designers

Over 5,000 hits, rises, transitions, pitched, rhythmic, and textural elements—plus over 250 presets from one of the sound designers behind trailers for films such as World War Z and Rogue One.



Audio Design Desk is an inspirational tool that learns what you like and how you work. Take a preset and randomize and refine the results.


Foley Artists

Perform footsteps, punches, gunshots, and more by using the trigger panel in Audio Design Desk. Save sets for different projects. Want to change shoe or gun type? Just two clicks.

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